We are devote to Hospitality every day with passion and at the same time we also try to enjoy ourselves. Since we started our activity we have dedicated ourselves to the Towel Art, creating small animals that our Guests are happy to find in their rooms and now we also dedicate to Fruit Art.

We want to clarify that we aren’t the inventors of these techniques, for example on cruise ships or in the Egyptian Hotels are found some example of Towel Art.

The Towel Art - Towel Folding was born by Origami, also seems that this technique was born in Egypt during the Cleopatra’s period who spent so much time in the bathroom and she wanted a nice and elegant atmosphere, the same as we try to create inside of B&B.

The Fruit Art is a technique to transform a simple plate of fruit that with its beautiful colors and its natural forms lends itself well to this our new project; this makes for a unique breakfast at the B&B Stupor Mundi.

If You have a reservation at our B&B and You want to learn these techniques You can contact us.

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